Susan Dobay
Dobay Zsuzsa

With my husband Endre it gave us great joy that for the past more than 25 years we could invite into our talented artitsts, poets, musicians and photographers to perform and exhibit free of charge.
“Because she possesses the secret code of the mystical colors, she finds an artistic expression to explore humanity's spiritual and intellectual needs. With this sensitivity she can create a dramatic or lyric mood, and she always fights against hypocrisy and false cleverness. This courageous colorist paints every view of life, opinion, belief, experience, and imagination with great fervor, focusing on the transcendental and the metaphysical. Susan Dobay's colorful confessions overcome the misunderstanding of so many different ideological concepts. Trust, confidence, idealism guide her brush, and probably this is the reason that she has been inspired to paint Don Quixote so many times.”

Pogany O. Gabor
Former Director of the National Gallery of Hungary. 
1992 Excerpt from Jozsefvaros Catalogue

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